Math Assistant — sourceforge

Check out That’s my sourceforge page, which I recently created. It’s got sources as well for v1.0 and v2.0b. Reasonably old files, but contains some interesting stuff for beginners. This was created pretty much when I knew little about coding, or even Computational Science.. never found much time to update it… do have a look.

Version 1.0 – BTech 1st Year holidays (2000 JUNE)
Version 2.0b – BTech holidays (2003 JULY)

Wish I could add to this sometime with the newfound knowledge in my MTech!

Math Assistant is a software designed to carry out a number of routine tasks in mathematics. It is ended for low-end use and features easy navigation and quick results. It contains a number of simple modules listed below:

  • Large Integer Adder & Subtracter
  • Fractions
  • Base Conversions
  • Determinants
  • Reciprocal (upto 2000 digits)
  • GCD/LCM/Factors
  • Random Numbers
  • ROMAN Numerals
  • Prime Numbers
  • Statistics
  • Regression
  • Solution of Triangles
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Physical Constants
  • Vectors
  • Date Calculations
  • Linear Equations

This program is basically a compilation of a number of small modules that I had programmed out of general curiosity and interest. I am particularly interested in computations, number theory and currently in the application of computer science to the solution of problems. If you wish to contact me (either to report a bug, or jus’ like that), feel free to e-mail me (karthik1981 AT yahoo DOT com).


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