Shiva Ganga

Shiva Ganga is a hill about 50 km from Bangalore, 20 km ahead of Tumkur. It’s a pretty tall hill with two Shiva temples, one very close to the foot of the hill and another, that’s possibly around 5 km uphill! The deities are “Gangadhareshwara”, and his consort “Swarnambha”.

The place is just fantastic, with breathtaking views from the high altitudes. Brilliant are the views of the surrounding city, the nearby `pushkarini’ or pond, from the top of the hill. Most of the place is rocky, with railings to hold on to as you climb, and monkeys to make sure you don’t take any offerings to the deity on top! A very forgettable experience was how my friend (Saketh) was `searched’ by a monkey, feeling for what he had in his pockets or in hidden beneath his shirt! And all this after another monkey had already robbed him of the coconut/flowers he had brought! Pretty intelligent creatures, one must say! Thankfully, I managed to salvage my camera, safely through these testing times!

Some of the places on the way to the top were reminscent of `Prince of Persia’, where you had to figure out a way which is hardly apparent to the eye (the typical hidden ledge you would climb on to)! In all, it was an experience in trekking as well :D. Inside some of the rocks (of which even the temple and the deities and sannidhis are a part of!), you could find some small fountains or water bodies, that we were told, never dry up throughout the year! But the most intriguing of all was a tunnel which supposedly led into the heart of Bangalore (couldn’t snap this up though!).

The way back was the same, but more easily traced (without the pebbles of Hansel and Gretel), and more nourishing, with regard to the breaks for a Maaza and some coconut water. Took about 2-2.5 hours to go up I guess and around 2 hrs to get down the hill. Being a Saturday, there was hardly any crowd, but we were told that there’s a lot of queueing on Sundays and on Maha Shivarathri (last week, 8-Mar). Overall, it appears to be a great place for a quick weekend trip.

Photos to follow… and yes posted now (14-03-2005, 0920) on my blog.

The first aerial view..


The blazing sun (the camera could not capture!)

Gopuram of the temple


The easy lower part of the journey.. about 15%, with nice steps. Note the Nandi in the background..


Another of the aerial views.. note the `pushkarini’ and the far-off hill..


Yet another view of the earth!


This is the hill on which the temple is. Note the water stains on the rocks.. Water must be flowing here often…S3010239.jpg

That’s Saketh (before the monkey debacle – note tha bag in his hand :D). Such steps were there in part of the way to the top..


The way to the top is never easy…S3010241.jpg

Such huge rocks were on either side of our path…S3010242.jpg

Another sample of the rocks around!


More picturesque…


These railings were present in some places.. there are also some pseudo-steps (just inset in the hill) to help you climb..


Closer to the top…

From the top! One of these poles had a torch that could be lit (now dilapidated). S3010248.jpg

The temple on top..


Higher and higher…


This tree was beautiful.. only flowers.. hardly any leaves.. Don’t think that’s too apparent from this pic though!


A Nandi on top…


A view through two huge rocks…


The Nandi from a distance, from in front of the actual temple


Last few aerial views (1)


Last few aerial views (2)


Last few aerial views (3). Looks almost like a satellite pic from the top of the world!


Whoa! The final pic. A bird’s eye view of the civilisation around in God’s world! This is my favourite snap:

Just to know who went to this place… the photographer is yours truly, to the right!



65 thoughts on “Shiva Ganga


    • HI,
      Am karthi, from chennai. I would like to visit the temple this month so could you please help me how can i reach that place. whether by bus or train, if train which one might comfortable. Expecting your Reply early pls…


      • Hi, you must take a train/bus to Bangalore — which is straightforward. I am sure you will be able to find a bus towards Shiva Ganga from ‘Majestic’, which is Bangalore’s main rail station/bus hub.

        Have a nice darshan!

      • Ya train is better,u catch Banglore to thumkur passenger train get down in Dobbes pete stop auto is available in station u ask he will drop u to shiva Gange its a nice place.

    • HI,
      Am lingaraj from bangalore i have visit temple ten year back and . I would like to visit the temple this month with my family so could you please help me how can i reach that place. whether by bus or train, if train which one might comfortable. Expecting your Reply early pls…

      lingaraj B

  2. Hey dude…

    those r some really nice pics u have taken up there…. Makes one really wanna go up der… 🙂

    Well… actually plannin to go der dis weekend… Lemme kno if u hav some other good spots in mind fer trekkin, so dat v can look it up later.

    • u can try this place called savanadurga and/or ramnagaram..both pretty close to each other,n sholay was shot in the rocks of ramnagaram..oh n for the route,jus google..and mind,roads are pretty winding..n coz of the heavy traffic,best advisable not to ride after sunset,especially if on bikes..

      another place for a trek wud be blue mountains in tamil nadu..mind,i’m not talking abt the nilgiris of for bettamugisalaalam.pretty decent.

  3. hi,

    snaps ar good.thanks for the info.

    i too went to shivaganga temple this sunday and had great fun with friends.

    can u suggest me few more hill stations near to bangalore.

  4. Good place to visit, got to be ready to exert uself a lot.
    Beware of the monkeys in and around there if possible pls dont carry any baggae or hand covers along with u.
    Yeh dude nice pics out there.


  5. Great Photos dude..its would have been more nice if you have added the photos of the shivaganga pond or the tank in the hill top.

  6. Great snaps.
    Thanks for the info.
    We are planning to go this place this weekend.
    Is it suggestable to go now in April(Summer).
    Wont it be too hot.
    Please advice.
    Thanks in advance

  7. Hi,

    i just visited this place along with Torry Harris collegues(Govind, Gangadhar, Keerthi, Sindhu, Usha)

    It is an awesome place to go trekking. Enjoyed a lot..Especially we had an unforegetable experience with the monkeys there around…carrying juice bottles there.

  8. HI Karthik,

    Nice Photos. I have a plan to go on this WeekEnd. how to reach the Temple,i mean how to reach temple from Bangalore Bus Station.

  9. Fantastic pictures,Planning to visit this place after looking at the scenic beauty,also suggest how to get away from being looted by the Monkeys HAHA

  10. Hi Karthik, you have captured good snaps. Looks like you enjoyed every movement over Shivaganga. Actually yestarday only I had been there, we truely enjoyed lot.

  11. Shivaganga is very beautiful place, please do visit and take the Lord Shiva’s blessings and enjoy the trip with your friends or relatives.

    Jai ShivShankar

  12. shivaganga info and pictures are wonderful. Have you seen the ghee changing into butter when it is kept on the linga at the temple.

  13. Did you get a chance to see it? I almost do not remember now 😦 — and it was way too crowded (and dark as usual) the other day.. Did you see the tunnel? That leads to gavi gangadhareshwara temple, another absolutely lovely temple in the centre of the city…

  14. hi,
    Photos are good.
    The information is very useful.
    i too went to shivaganga temple this Sunday (26.10.09) and had great fun with friends.

    It was one the memorable trip and wonderful place for treking..

    thanks again

  15. Date : 29.10.2009

    I am from Ahmedabad, wants to come at Shivganga Temple and wants to see some photographs of Temple and other importance of the this temple which was shown in IndiaTV News Channel (Dharm Programme at 3.00 p.m.)

    Please do the needful as request.

    Warm Regards,


    Raakesh S. Pal

  16. its good. there’s water supply, railings till the top, is picturesque. too bad i didnt take a cam and i started climbing at 1pm!! didnt make it to the top. u have to start early in the morning to reach till the top – could take 3-4 hours one-way. i only wish there was a decent hotel nearby..

  17. Did you get a chance to see it? I almost do not remember now — and it was way too crowded (and dark as usual) the other day.. Did you see the tunnel? That leads to gavi gangadhareshwara temple, another absolutely lovely temple in the centre of the city

  18. Had been to SIVAGANGA in January and I was surprised to see senior citizens and children at the top of the hill.
    Did U see ‘Shantaladevi Drop’ behind the temple?

  19. I have visited SHIVAGANGA. It is worth seeing place since it is not only a tourist place, but certainly it is a place where Lord Shiva and Parvathi dwel. It is not an exagaration if it is called KAILASA. One can enjoy the nature. He should not have any fear while claimbing the Hill, because GOD will be with you and HE will lead you to the TOP of the HILL. It will not be a problem to reach OLAKAL THEERTHA. After OLAKAL THEERTHA, the journey to the top of the Hill will be strainful. But, certainly your strain will be vanished and it will be extreemely Joyful after you reach TOP of the Hill, where you will find BASAVANNA, VEERABHADRA SWAMY Temples. Be careful about monkies during your journey. You will find some stalls selling eatables to the visitors. They are helpful to those who have not carried food with them. Good Luck and Happy Journey.

  20. shivaganga the abode of Shiva and his companions has been the place of reverance and worship for the people who visit the place. The beauty of the spot and the sanctity of the place will certainly agument the zeal for visiting it often.

  21. Hi, I am planning to go shivaganga this week end. please help out how to go from bangalore, KRPuram. Where can we get buses?? Please reply.

  22. I have been there twice. Did not count steps. Just wondering if anyone knows how many steps one has to climb from the base to the very top.

  23. I am kiran from Kerala , i went there in last month, its really an awesome place. Had a beautiful experience there.
    i am interested to know the myths behind this hill.

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