Dhoni and Sehwag steamroller Pakistan…

Tosses in India sometimes win matches. I do not wish to take any credit away from Dhoni,Sehwag and co., but on such flat tracks, with testing weather, you’d rather that yourcaptain wins the toss and gets you in, rather than field in the scorching heat for hours together!

Dhoni’s innings was certainly not a surprise. It was expected, though he probably took it too far. Kudos to him for his approach to batting and cricket. It now appears that there is only one approach to cricket — the Sehwagian way of life! “Go Fetch”. Every ball needs to be sent to where it rightfully belongs — the stands. It is rather amazing as to how such batsmen have begun to flourish the world over, like say, a Gilchrist.

An important thing which a lot of people would have ignored is the last 5 overs of our innings (which is all the cricket I watched yesterday). The partnership between Zaheer and Balaji made a lot of difference between a comportable win and a close win or maybe even a loss! Those 3 6ers further dented Pak’s confidence and took us beyond 330, which was the last gettable target on this wicket. I hope that was planned, and not an accident, that we managed to stay 50 overs. We need our tail to use their head, once in a while, too!

As for the bowling, I read that Nehra bowled an awesome length and was unlucky to get hit for so many runs, but in the end, it was the 4 wickets that would count more and he did deserve them.

You can never demarcate between luck and acumen, as far as a captain is concerned (maybe except for the toss!), but today was a day when every move worked for Ganguly. Nehra was told to open the bowling instead of Zaheer, and he picks Afridi second ball. Yuvraj was brought in as a surprise, and he rids us of the `so-called dangerous’ Razzaq. A run-a-ball innings would never make an impact in a match where the opposition had a guy with 75(40)! Or more so, 148(123)!

Youhana did play a great knock, but probably got half of what his team needed him to get.

Overall, it was a great win for India. But let’s be wary of the toss next time around. Let’s have better pitches where there would be a more equal opportunity for both teams, particularly the team that does not bat first!

Good Luck India. We need to get 3-0 up as soon as possible! And with Sachin raring to contribute, after two failures on the trot, so also Yuvi and Kaif, things only look ominous for Pakistan!

p.s. I have taken care not to overlap much with Sriraj’s comments, which follow (I particularly enjoyed the molestation of Afridi!):

Welcome to the Dhoni Show – Lead vocalist and Guitars – M.S..Dhoni, Drummer – V.Sehwag, Bass guitarist – R.Dravid. Album – Tonk the Pakis. Rating – 5 star, popularity chart – # 1. Its a Best Seller!
I reckon the time has arrived for the old guns to sit back and watch the young turks manhandle and dismantle the opponents with sheer disdain. It was probabably a long deserved treat dished out today with humanity and compassion to our “revered neighbours” in sport.

Dhoni is gonna be no flash in the pan, he has scored about 5 centuries this season in the Ranji and not to forget the breathtaking assault in the Challenger series- to be noted critically, cause he created severe damage with one leg almost in a cast. His phelgmatic attitude is bound to pave way for his stardom, his catch today to dismiss Razzaq of Yuvi provided us an insight into the other feature of his game – wicketkeeping, his primary trait.

The stunning ease with which he bludgeoned “Afridi – chief wrecker in Bangalore” to the different corners of the stadium with a few hits almost reaching the shipping yard were the moments of irrepressible happiness that would remain for durations undefined but also raising some questions to be answered – how fast did Afridi age today?:):)

I can only hope he does not fizzle out like Sadanand Vishwanath, who was of the similar kind with keeping levels in a dimension that transcended normal human mental faculties.

Henceforth the Pak’s would surely suffer from multiple nightmares Sehwag, Dhoni and not to forget the thorn whose pain after the prick stays for the longest – Dravid. But sometimes some unexplainable events could occur, like a Sachin Blitz or a Saurav Blaze to glory, whichmight seem like a dream presently though the line that divides it from reality is not far off.


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