Naved turns it on for Pakistan

318 is often a winning score, but no longer in India. Though India did well at the death to contain Pakistan, after the real acceleration in the middle overs, Naved bowled a real class spell. Possibly our pacers did nothing to exploit what was there in the track. Just bending their backs a bit, Sami (what a ball to Dravid!) and Naved bowled really well.

Butt is talented and scored a century pretty nonchalantly. His century in that BCCI jubilee match was also pretty good. Seems to be a good talent for Pakistan, but should hopefully not end up forgotten like an Imran Nazir or a Yasir Hameed, who promised and performed but where forgotten.

Irfan played a saving grace knock, but Kaif disappointed a lot. It was ideal for him to strike form in a lost game, considering the important games that were coming up. Zaheer also seems to be in good batting form. Hopefully, we should end up with a good tail. Harbhajan has degraded beyond all expectations though, as a batsman!

Some thinking needs to go into our bowling. And always, an improved shot selection is welcome!


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