A tale of two captains (and a third?)

Ganguly and Inzamam. One in pathetic form and the other, consistent as ever. One always with ideas, and one often without, but still on the winning side in more occassions?! Ganguly leads by sheer aggression, while Inzi hardly makes his presence felt on the field, though does his job fantastically well as a batsman.

A captain is a position of such honour and it does seem that neither board does respect their captain enough, BCCI being marginally ahead till today, when they let Ganguly down. Certainly, this could not have happened to Sachin or anyone else. It’s so much that public opinion, which is usually wrong, and out of ignorance that’s been behind this. People want an excuse to knock Ganguly’s head off. It’s boring to repeat, but no country treats a captain with such less respect. And Pakistan, culturally very similar, keep asking for the captain’s head after every series loss, and change coaches every month. If Stephen Fleming can be the captain of NZ, there can be no reason to ask for the head of any other captain!

It’s sad that most boards in the world are top-heavy, arrogant, un-understanding and indifferent. Most of them bathe in money and fill their coffers, giving the players a more than raw deal! What a difference it can make to India or Pak if BCCI or PCB were headed by people who are more concerned about cricket and cricketers rather than money, sponsorship and other sundries.

And the third captain, the Wall. It’s really amazing that he’s been captaining more by default, whenever Ganguly is unfit or banned. But he does a good job all the same. Possibly, he’d never get to be a real captain of India, considering that he’s batting too well for anyone to tamper with it, adding more responsibility to his already-burdened shoulders! It’s really nice to have so many senior class players in your side, who are still away from retirement (except for the fact that they have their contemporaries as a very very strong Australian side!). Must make good use of it India.


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