“We’ve decided to bat first, mate!”

It was a really hilarious start to the Kanpur game with Ravi Shastri making a goof on the toss. Dravid spun the coin, spun it a long way too! That probably distracted Ravi who said “Heads is the call (it’s obvious the visiting captain calls) and tails it is!”. He then walks up straight to Inzi and congratulates him for winning the toss. As Inzi is giving his expert view on the pitch and toss, Rahul walks up to Chris Broad (who apparently was dumb till then, as we all know by now) and then Broad pulls up Ravi clarifying that India won the toss! That’s funny. And then Rahul says, “We’ve decided to bat first, mate!”. Ravi was his usually funny self thereafter, asking Dravid about his lack of practice with the coin, which made him spin it so far! A couple of changes in the Indian side, good to leave out Nehra, the way he’s been fielding, and poor Saurav, thanks to the board’s idiosyncrasies.


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