Google Talk!

Google’s now come up with an IM! Whoa! The rate at which gooogle is churning out products is just amazing. Just downloaded it. Looks cool and smart as usual.

More info on!


The Desktop Search Race…

Not been blogging for quite a while but the new Google Desktop Search 2 beta is really prompting me to write one!

Right from a scratch pad to desktop results on the fly and e-mail checking, GDS2b (that’s a new acronym!) really integrates a lot of functionality. That’ll have MSN (part of Vista too), Yahoo! and maybe even BlinkX running for cover. See all the new features at google’s page. The searching of start menu seems a cool way to quicly launch programs! Wow!

It still remains a pity that one of the world’s biggest user of open source systems and Linux servers, still releases software mainly for windows! I guess it’s never been clearer that Google wants to end the hegemony of Microsoft as soon as possible. Tried putting beagle on Linux and gave up in the process of installing dependencies…

Google Rocks! As always!!