1-0: Sachin returns; India return?

With Dravid taking on the reins more seriously, rather than just a stop-gap replacement for Ganguly, it will be very interesting to note the rest of the series. But as I have always maintained, it’s Sachin’s presence in the team that’s been missing for too long, that too in crucial times. He can be in the team, not score (okay, not take a five-for as well) and still inspire. Even for a die-hard and numero uno fan of Sachin, this comeback – at least game one – has been a fairy tale. Let’s hope he carries on. But it wasn’t a total surprise, after seeing his six boundaries in the Challenger trophy final.

There’s been so much written on cricinfo, that I can’t stand next to it. So read on:
[1] Verdict – a statement of intent
[2] Tendulkar’s magic return
[3] Match bulletin

Good job guys. But we need to be thoroughly professional. Nothing less than a 5-2 or a 6-1 can serve to prove that point.

A word of caution: Let’s not be blinded by our love for Dravid that we appreciate everything he does. He really did nothing new. Even Agarkar has been sent at #3 (he scored 95 against WI). Every captain, other than the dumb Attapatu would not take the powerplay when the opponents are blazing. Every intelligent captain would take it again at the fall of an important wicket. That’s all fine. Yet, we must appreciate the way he handled Sreesanth and Kartik. I’ll hope this is not a lone good performance from Kartik and he will improve. Come on, India, get on.

Ganguly, come on now. It’s a nice time to re-enter the team… Imagine Chandana and Dilshan disappearing into the roads, rather than the stands! Dada, roar!


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