2-0: Pathan, Sachin script an easy win

A very heartening performance. When you put a team on the mat, you must keep them right there and that’s what we did today. Everyone chipped in their bit and 122 was never going to be remotely challenging on this turf. With this, (and WCC 2003), we’ve all but nearly wiped off that embarrassment of 54 all out against SL, though 7-0 in this series would probably do the job!

It is really nice to see guys like JP Yadav do their bit in such good fashion… a nice medium pacer is very useful, particularly on stoppy and seaming tracks. Good job, JPY!

As for the batting, Sehwag and Sachin threatened to finish as much of the match as possible before lunch, and almost achieved their end. With 2/3rds of the total wiped out by lunch, SL had little to play for when they came out, with only Murali tossing up a real fantastic over, when even the great Sachin had little clue to what was coming up next. That apart, the feature of the innings was the Sehwag hook and cut, for six and a one-bounce four, that left Vaas wondering where to bowl. To drive the nails deeper into the Lankan coffin, Sachin swept drove and punched Vaas for boundary after boundary. In the end, a comfortable win.

For those who wonder why Sachin was 67* and not 70*, the rule is that once the winning run is completed, in terms of the batsmen crossing over, before the ball reaches the boundary, the match is complete. The ball is possibly no longer in play and only the single adds to the scores. I wonder, what if the ball is instead caught!

Supersub supergoof: I wonder why India took Sreesanth as the supersub – I wonder if it was a tactical blunder. That it did not matter today is a different issue, but you don’t commit such basic blunders. I wonder if there is some confusion with toss and supersub selection: but I guess you carry two teams in your pockets – so unless Dravid handed over the sheet from the wrong pocket, I think there’s no room for a wrong supersub!


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