3-0!: Dhoni pulverises

It was indeed a treat to watch Dhoni hand out such a smashing, pulverising to smithereens, the Lankan bowling! It was a reminder of those gory chases that India withstood, such as Ijaz Ahmed, Shahid Afridi, Jayasuriya (many a time) – it’s good to see us return the favours!

I really wonder if India, for all it’s poor chasing image, is indeed the team with the maximum number of 300+ (300-!?) chases. At least in India, I think, we’re quite happy to chase sub 330 totals! God! Where is cricket headed to!?

The powerplays were made a mockery off by Dhoni and as Moody and Attapatu acknowledged, the fielding restrictions really don’t matter, unless you are allowed to position someone in the stands behind extra cover or midwicket! 10 sixers is a lot, and a particularly interesting observation is that this is — by a long way — the highest individual score during a run chase, and barring the belter-ness of the pitch and the relative inoccuousness of the attack, and the lack of pressure in terms of it not being a finale/do-or-die match etc should rank as the best ODI innings ever. That apart, we Indians can finally rest happy for a (long?!) while that we finally have a very good keeper, who is quite a good batsman too. How long have we waited? And how many insults, in terms of the butter-fingered Deep Dasgupta and Parthiv Patel, the flatter-to-deceive MSK Prasad and the grand-old Sameer Dighe, let alone Saba Karim and Vijay Yadav.. I guess this blog will run to a few more pages if I continue listing all the not-so-gifted WKs we’ve had post-Nayan Mongia.

A word of appreciation is certainly due to Sangakkara and the sporting Lankans. Sangakkara played a fantastic knock and ended up on the losing side. It was a remarkable innings that pushed for the art of building a team score, leave alone a personal 100. The acceleration was spot on, with brilliant shots peppered here and there. India must not bowl extras, whether or not it be clouded in the brilliance of a Dhoni masterpiece — it was rather unprofessional to bowl so many wides, though they are less damaging than no-balls!

3-0 up in a 7 match series, a fan can’t ask for more. But, politics or no politics, if Ganguly deserveth a place, he should have it, ahead of guys like Rao and Raina. Nov 4 is the next first class match, and if Ganguly does press further in that game, selection could become interesting.

Well done India, but cautiously recall the performance against Pak. I know it can’t repeat, but we must target the moon (7-0) and at least reach outer space (6-1) or the rooftop (5-2) but not end up with a handful of mud!


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