4-0!!!! Raina-Dhoni seal series (2)

Curse blogger. I lost this post.

Important points I had made:
Dhoni: 16(32)+29(11) = 45 (43): great common-sense + acceleration… 4th six hit to finish match..
Sachin: reckless extravangant shot – turned human from saint! Watch out for a great aggressive 100 from him now that it’s cricket for cricket’s sake and not so much the pressuer of winning, for the series has been pocketed. (Recall his 100 in the Natwest once the final berth was assured).

Now that the series has been won, we can experiment. Look out for Yadav and Agarkar (bat!). We could even be seen chasing some improbable total in Rajkot (though we shd not concede 280+!).

With Kaif and Ganguly pressing for selection (Gangs is 14*(27) vs ZIM as I write this), Rao and Raina will be on their toes. It’s not so much of a problem now as we keep changing the squad around and we can rotate players. Only when we tour, we have a fixed squad and that’s when selection has to be spot on.. Let’s make sure that Raina is groomed (can Chappell ‘coach’ Agarkar?!) and we don’t want any more disasters like we did with Vijay Bharadwaj/Dinesh Mongia/Hemang Badani…

Finally: Keep SL on the mat, guys! Finish ’em off!


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