Karma in cricket

“As you sow, so you reap”

Inzi was run out today in horrible fashion: Sambit Bal has a brilliant article at http://content-ind.cricinfo.com/pakveng/content/story/226638.html on this. More interestingly, he has pointed out to the Sachin’s dismissal at Kolkata in 1999, when Shoaib had elbowed him. Inzi was run out with the score at 369-5 and this really made a whole lot of difference. Of course, it may not be as costly as Sachin’s dismissal with regard to the outcome of the match, but it’s despicably stupid.

More importantly, in the last game, which everyone chose to happily overlook, the result really depended on a crucial run out decision, given wrong by the third umpire (Asad Rauf). How atrocious that was! It was in a partnership between Inzi and (I think) Shoaib Malik and it probably made a big difference to the outcome of the match.

Maybe, it’s just the law of karma catching up with Pakistan. If it does catch up with Aus, they might never win a home series against West Indies, given what happened in WI’s previous tour! (What about Sachin in Aus?!!)


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