It’s embarrassing that in one of the least rainiest of the cities in India, we’ve had three matches spoilt by rain. Of course, I must say that Chennai has been a very rainy city this year, with so many rainy days, though not too much of rain, save the deluge of Oct 27.

With two matches to go and 1-1, it’s indeed interestingly poised, though a 2-2 results is very much on the cards, unfortunately!

The most interesting development in cricket over the last 24 hours was the appointment of Rahul Dravid as captain for tests. All this is fine to me, but the only dissappointing thing in the whole issue is how we’ve treated one of out top ten greatest cricketers and that it needed a damned foreigner to intervene in the whole issue. Comebacks are always heartening — let’s see if Ganguly makes one; the fact that the next game is in Kolkata is going to have a big say!


One thought on “Chennapunji!

  1. Well Karthik.. the Kolkata game did have its say! As a Bengali myself I stand ashamed and apalled at the misbehavior of Eden Gardens – and I must add that the middle finger salute incident has definitely been blown out of proportion. Cricket (at least off-field) incidents in India have now become farcical like some pre-poll political incidents that we read in news papers. If the Indian team was booed at getting dismissed and the fielders on the boundary jeered it speaks for the narrow-minded outlook of the people of the city. Though I didnt get to see any highlights, I wonder if it was a substantial crowd that indulged in these jeering incidents or was it only a small f(r)action? Like I had said, it did turn out to be an “away” game for us:-) Hopefully some better luck for us in Mumbai – and hopefully Sachin does some thing about his horrendous run with the bat!!!

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