More random musings…

As though my several blogs on blogspot weren’t enough, I thought I’d start one at wordpress too, to add more random musings on the web. Thanks to Swarna for introducing me to wordpress. I do like the upload feature already! This does seem to be a no-nonsense kind of editor.

Blogspot was just beginning to annoy me by not allowing any line breaks, whatever I tried, including

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One thought on “More random musings…

  1. hey karthik,

    wordpress now has the most awaited import feature, which lets you move all the content from your existing Blogger/Movable Type/Typepad to wordpress. It works like a breeze, I moved all my blogger content to WP.

    P.S: I use the same theme too. And, now I’m beginning to notice a few drawbacks with wordpress too. Each template has its pros and cons. For example, if you have a description for a blogroll link, the description will appear in some templates, while not in the others. Another example, is the number of posts in braces next to the categories. hmmmphh…anyway, they seem to be working on it. So, its only fair that we give them more time!:)

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