A scare for democracy?

“Buta Singh resigns as Bihar governor”, says rediff. I wish he had resigned before hosting the flag on R-Day. He did not deserve to. The obvious question arises as to how many governors in the country indeed are worthy of hosting the Indian flag. Tough one! However, I would still term the act of dissolving the Bihar government most dastardly and unconsitutional. Things turned out well for Bihar in the end, with Laloo being ousted for the first time since ages, but not before crores of rupees were flushed down the drainage for a useless exercise of a repeat election.

There are several things that one can prodigally spend the taxpayers’ money on, but nothing could be worse than a re-election, particularly when there was a clear party that could take the helm.

Talking about politics is utterly distasteful to me, with better work and interesting research to do, but as a responsible citizen, I would consider it my bounden duty to voice my opinion against such desperate events that could well destroy the fabric of democracy. I care not who rules the country as long as they do it well. But the point is that people holding offices of the Prime Minister and President, cannot be tricked, and cannot cut a sorry figure as this, pleading innocence or naïveté.

Indian politics desperately lacks professionalism and needs young men and not young heirs of a dynasty — we’re not running a kingdom here. Be it H D Kumaraswamy or Stalin or Rahul Gandhi too, it’s just the case of a son filling up, however good or bad they are.

In any case, India has proved time and again that it can progress — progress to great heights — despite all these obstacles. But, in a world that’s progressing so fast, shouldn’t we been running forward like a 100m sprinter, rather than walking forth and back like the proverbial drunkard?


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