The BluWiki Vision

Bringing web publishing to the people. We see a world where everyone can publish online. Without censoring, popups, or banner ads. And you don’t even need to know html! Thats right, just good old-fashioned publishing. Help us acomplish this vision, make your home on the web.”

— BluWiki website

I’ve been amused by wikis for quite some time and wanted to start a wiki based homepage on my own. When I examined for free hostings, there appeared to be several ones, but none as good as BluWiki. I did like wikispaces, where I created my own space, but no wiki is as compelling as one that uses mediawiki. I even looked at, but found BluWiki to be the best place to make my home! I must say that allows you to create your own wiki but I am not sure how well they’re doing. Looks like that’s a good place to be, if you want to have a large wiki and not just a personal homepage.


2 thoughts on “The BluWiki Vision

  1. It is doing really well. Plenty of people have small wikis as well has large ones. I checked out BluWiki, but it doesn’t really give your own personal wiki, just a page in their wiki.

  2. True, offers a separate wiki. It is indeed a good hosting service, but something like BluWiki is very useful if you want to only set up a small set of pages. Also, does have ads (BluWiki thus far has no ads) and it slightly lowers the appearance of the page…

    Good job nevertheless… Keep the free wikis going!

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