Tagging, the next big thing?

From wordpress to flickr to del.icio.us and connotea, tagging appears to have caught on, not to mention labels in GMail. It’s not a ground breaking innovation, but a very ‘google-ish’ intelligent extension to an exisiting domain. Online bookmarking does seem interesting in that it’s great to share bookmarks. This is particularly useful in research, as you could see in connotea, an initiative of the Nature Publishing Group (NPG). It’s easy to surf users with similar tags, find related papers to the ones you are concerned with and so on.

I guess tagging is here to stay, just as I tag this post with it’s categories, being Technology and Software and Computers.


One thought on “Tagging, the next big thing?

  1. I agree with you on what you say about tagging. It really seems to be the latest thing. Thinking about it, it seems logical since everything about us and around us is ‘tagged’ by different characteristics. Just that tags and metadata and such things are being made easy by new technologies like AJAX and stuff. And, Yahoo seems to be realising this quick, and qucikly acquiring all these Web 2.0 companies, Flickr, del.icio.us. There are rumors now that they may be buying digg too.

    Regarding nested categories, there is a provision when you add a category, called Category Parent. Use that one to make your new category as a child of some existing category.

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