lo and behold, logogle!

So how does that look? It’s pretty much trivial to do such a thing even in photoshop — I forget the site which gives the “How to” for that — but I generated is pretty much simple on logogle. Can’t see why anyone would want to use this, but it does look cool if you want to put up a funny-ish logo!

Google also comes up with a lot of cool logos — I wonder if any site has caches of those.. For example, on Independence Day (Aug 15, yeah!), google.co.in had a cool logo, with two Ashoka chakras instead of the two O’s in google! I’ve got one with a double helix though, which google uses in its site-flavoured searches. The google logo in itself is much a statement of its simplicity! Staying on the topic of design, there’s a graphic designer who believes that google could be a little more efficient (and beautiful?)! Read more about that here.

Update (2005-02-04 1027):

Googled and found the I-Day logo:



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