Sachin, eikon non-pareil

Enough can never be written about Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Nor can enough be said. But, I’ve read and heard enough. It’s just like the whole world gunning for his head, now that sufficient success has been met with Saurav Ganguly. It’s appalling to see all kinds of people speak various kinds of garbage on a man who has never had a real equal on the cricketing arena. I don’t mean to say that he was the best — even among his contemporaries — but in terms of his sheer unique genius and style, and the way he captured the imagination of billions, he was, is and will be peerless.

From Moin Khan to market gurus, everyone has an opinion. Call it the curse of free speech or whatever. Just like an unbelievable amount of analysis (analysis paralysis) has gone into the farcial test series (which I did not even consider worth adorning my blog) on bizzarre pitches, reading much too far into the lone loss (whatever the manner be) that we had, there’s an even more obnoxious discussion on, on Sachin and others.

When you do look at the footage of the games, even Saurav seems to be comfortable and belongs, leave alone Sachin. But, it has become rather fashionable to talk about young guns and related crap, (to recall Siddhu, the “fragrance and exuberance of youth“) and the axing of anyone who’s not in their early 20s.

I don’t need to argue that Sachin unleashed several fluent strokes before being dismissed in either knock at Karachi — he’s certainly expected to do much more. But my primary crib is that people have just gone over the top already.

But the media is that way, like it or not. I am hurriedly writing this blog before the next match, since if Sachin does get the 91 runs that would take him to 14,000 ODI runs, you would have cover stories and front pages, with weird headlines and accoladed for the ‘Little Master’, ‘Master Blaster’ and so on.

Sachin doesn’t need mouthpieces, and I am not one. He only needs his willow-piece. To recall, in the 2003 World Cup, Sachin lay to dust all pre-series predictions and rose to glory (doing all but winning the final for us). Mathew Hayden was the bookies’ favourite for the top scorer, and I think he struggled to one 50 during the whole competition. And yes, Sachin (and Lara too..) rarely gets umpiring assistance as does Ponting (out on both his 100s in his 100th test, on lower scores; plumb lbw to Dinesh Mongia at 69 in the WCC 2003 final). I can hardly recall a series that passed without a controversial decision against Sachin.

The game’s bigger than individuals, and that holds for Sachin too — in the sense that the game’s bigger to him than these Moins and other intellectually challenged experts [sic] whose cricketing acumen has plunged abysmally during this Indo-Pak series. He’ll make a hell of a statement in the next week. Watch on…


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