Descent of Ganga

Got this amazing picture from Can’t praise the artist enough! What a beauty this pic is!


The painting shows an artist’s rendition of how Ganga, when She deigned to come down to Earth from Heaven, was received by Lord Shiva. The story of Bhagiratha’s penances and the famous phrase Bhagiratha Prayatnam are wonderful to read about. Shiva is said to have locked up the arrogant Ganga in his locks, until further prayers and penance from Bhagiratha would see her through, but not before further being consumed (and then released, once again on Bhagiratha’s prayers) by the rishi Jahnu, which earned Her the appellation Jaahnavi.
Also see the wikipedia entry on Ganga.


9 thoughts on “Descent of Ganga

  1. Interesting story Karthik. Brings back memories of the old days when we would read, read and re-read all those Amar Chitra Kathas. My limited knowledge of Hindu Mythology is greatly due to Amar Chitra kathas.

  2. Mind blowing painting. It is good to watch those mythological happenings through this stunning painting. I really appreciate Karthik for his work. Is he from A.P.? Thanks, Kathik. Keep it up. Hoping for more religious works like this.

  3. i feel great coz name is Ganga Sharma when people see the picture they feel 100% purity i dont want to compare to God coz god is such the Picture


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