Gower on Sachin

This is what David Gower had to say on Sachin: 

"In the last session in Nagpur, when the Indian chase was still on, Tendulkar hit a reverse sweep, an orthodox sweep and a lofted cover drive to (Ian) Blackwell. They were all exquisite cricket shots. To play those shots deliberately in such quick succession, off almost similar deliveries, was genius. That was a little jewel, just those 3-4 minutes. It reminds you how very few people are special. It was a case of great thinking and good technique."

A friend of mine, Karthik, put it thus "… the act of watching a match translates into one of enduring it, in Sachin's absence." That is certainly true for many of us Sachin fan(atic)s. No Sachin, no cricket.
It does continue to amaze me to no end, as to how people who can scarcely deserve to mention his name, write any rubbish about him and his game. Come the WI tour, and The Master will have his say again. The MRF willow will dish out the replies…


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