For heavens’ sake, vote!

I guess you all will at least remember that the elections are round the corner. We've often been guilty of not voting albeit on the pretext that there is no one worth voting for. This time, at least in the following constituencies, we have someone whom we could give a chance. Instead of voting for the mindless power-hungry politicians who are currently in the fray, and the even more jobless film artistes, I think it behoves us to vote for some people who have dared to do something which most of us can't and rest of us only speak about but consistently fail to do.

I understand this is the list of candidates contesting for LOK PARITRAN (the political party formed by the former IITians and other guys who care for the nation):
*Santhanagopalan Vasudev, Mylapore
*Elanthirumaran, Chepauk
*Mahesh, Thousand Lights
*Prashanth sharma, Egmore
*Arvind Tiruvaiyar, T Nagar
*Rajamani, Anna Nagar
*Hariharan, Saidapet
*Rabindra Ganesh, Park Town

Please cast aside arguments that there is no point in voting for these people since they would anyway not win or form the government. I think that's not what should drive one to vote. At least give them a pat on the back and possibly help them recover their deposit, if not a seat.

Please pass on this message to your parents & relatives if you are not in town/not yet old enough to vote etc. This is the bare minimum we could do to think of improving the state of affairs in the nation. If you are in a college, please urge your fellow students to at least vote, if not for Paritrana. It's irresponsible to not exercise your franchise, whatever be your excuse.

Don't be under the impression that it's not going to matter to you who forms the government. Governments have degraded enough to even cause sufficient trouble to an indifferent no-nonsense citizens. VOTE!

Finally, your mandate is your mandate. This is just a request/wake-up call. There is no reason to believe that these people are any less capable of governance than the illiterate politicians we have. Yes, they are very incompetent in dirty politicking though, which is the prime asset of the contemporary politician.

Best Regards
p.s. Check out their website is at

Update: Election Manifesto of Lok Paritran:
The only `freebie' in the manifesto of the Lok Paritran is a corruption-free government.

The raison d'etre of Lok Paritran is to eliminate corruption and bring ethics into governance.

The leadership of the political outfit started by a bunch of IITians on Monday outlined the key aspects of their first-ever election manifesto: cleaning up the `implementation pipeline' to ensure trickledown of benefits; rewarding merit, ability and skill; introducing technology and training employees in government departments.

The party's Mylapore candidate, Santhanagopalan Vasudev, said their efforts would result in better functioning of police and crime control, quick and easy processing of official documents, including licences and ration cards, better employment opportunities, poverty reduction and improvement in the health and nutrition status of the people. Education and welfare of farmers are the other subjects the party promises to take up.

Most importantly, Vasudev says, "We will ensure that the MLA's Constituency Development Fund is used solely to improve the constituency."

The party's nominees will contest in five constituencies in Chennai (Anna Nagar, Thousand Lights, Chepauk, Mylapore and Anna Nagar) and Villivakkam and Mudukulathur in Ramanathapuram on `axe' and `drums' symbols.

"We are now a force to reckon with," says Tanmay Rajpurohit, party's national president. "This is just the first step. Even if we lose seats now, it will not affect our morale… We'll get there, sooner or later."


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