Sachin at Kukke Subramanya

Little-known till a couple of days ago, all of a sudden lakhs of people now want to visit – or at least know more about – the temple town of Kukke Subramanya, 105 km from  Bangalore. Their inspiration: Sachin!


Sachin Tendulkar's two-day pilgrimage to the Kukke Sri Subramanya temple drew scores of fans. It also had them sourcing details from a website on the town.

As a result, the website saw over 17 lakh hits till 1.30 pm on Monday, leading to a server crash. The pilgrimage by Tendulkar, his wife Anjali, and his siblings Ajit, Nitin and Savitha, resulted in a massive 17,50,200 hits over Sunday and Monday on The website received traffic from all over the world, while the town attracted scores of fans. Many e-mails and telephonic enquiries were received at the temple's reception office at Kukke Subramanya in Dakshina Kanara district.

"It was never like this in the past," said a source at the website. "Though VIPs from all parts of the country visit the Kukke Sri Subramanya temple, Tendulkar's visit has led to a deluge of enquiries about the pujas here." At the temple, Lord Subramanya is worshipped as a snake.


Tendulkar, wife Anjali, brothers Ajith and Nithin, and sister Savitha spent Sunday and Monday at Kukke Subramanya, performing rituals aimed at helping him overcome sarpa dosha – perhaps one of the factors behind his nagging injuries.


"He performed sarpa samskara on Sunday, and ashlesha bali and nagapratishte on Monday," said the source. "These rituals were recommended by a family friend, VS Nayak, living in Bangalore."


To fans eager to shake hands with him, Tendulkar said, "I've pain in my shoulders. Please don't disturb me."


97 thoughts on “Sachin at Kukke Subramanya

  1. Super pics, didn’t know Sachin was so pious.

    The only pic that seemed jocular was the one where he is the only one sitting with unfolded legs in the presence of the Guruji:)

  2. in the coloum, it is mentioned that distance from bangalore as 105 km.
    kindly correct, this may be from Mangalore



  3. when Sachin had visited to Kukke Subramnaya Temple he stayed at a lodge called Seshnaag Aashraya, which also very good.The rooms are very sepecious and mainted very neat and clean. As we were also staying in the same lodge when he was there. For your information the phone nos. are 08257-281215, 281219, 281279.

    • pls don’t misguide everyone, the rooms are not clean, toilets are dirty and no discipline, servants no uniforms,pillows stink, it was waaaaaay better when swamiji was there!!!!!!!!

  4. i was wit him n kukke subramanya for the wole time..we r a regular devote of swamiji.A very powerful temple.the lodge is of swamiji’s itself.

    • Hi Sunil,
      you have written you are a regular devotee of swamiji. We did not know about him until recently till we read the book by Ruzbeh. He has written about lot of miracles in the book. We are also facing lot of issues in life and wanted to consult him. But someone told us he passed away. Is there anyone else now in hte temple who gives predictions from Devi?

      • hi,
        I too had a lot of issue in my life, but with Devi’s blessings we are coming out of these problems. We have been guided by Swamijis son, Shri Satyendra Nayak, who has been a guru and a guiding light for us in our problems. he had told me that i have nag dosh in both my family, and my inlaws family for which certain poojas need to be done at Kuke Subramaniya temple.we had performed all the poojas according to his guidance, and have seen lot of positive changes after that. With his guidance and blessings we have come out of majority of our problems, and i would recommend that for all those who are facing any kind of problems they can surely contact our Guru Shri Satyendra Nayak (09448466756), and Devi maa will definately solve threre problems.

    • Hi,
      you mentioned you are a devotee of swamiji. we did not know about him until recently. Someone told us swamiji passed away. we are facing lot of issues in life. Is there anyone else who gives devi’s predictions to us if we go to the temple in Bangalore?

    • HI, I am in big trouble, and want to speak to swamiji / Guruji for guidance. can you please tel me how to contact him.

      • hi, Surely U can can contact Swamijis son, Mr, Satyendra V Nayak (Guruji) on his number 09448466756. i am sure Devi Maa will come to your rescue and will solve all your problems. u can also visit him at Maa Mookambika Temple,Bangalore.if u want the address plz let me know.

      • Hi khyati and everyone,
        Im trying to get in touch with guruji but its not easy to meet him can someone help us get through him i stay abroad and would like to meet him in bangalore.

      • Hi..sorry for replying late. Plz don’t give up. Try on gurujis number u will definately get him. I took 3 months to get him on line. Devi maa will definately come to rescue u. Guruji might b busy in pujas or must b travelling.U can also mail guruji on

  5. Kukke subramanya is a very nice place to visit. the place is very pious. lodgings are very reasonable rs. 80-100 per day.The people are very nice ,no cheating from auto drivers .The poojas are performed very well.Once you visit the place you feel like visiting it again . i stayed in the lodge named ashlesha. its good.

  6. The pictures are good. Please provide details of the Poojas held there
    and the places or hotels to stay with the rates. And also the Bus routes,
    schedules and other relevant details for the tourist.


  7. I have visited the place with family it is so serene peaceful and hearts filled with devotion. Person like Sachin visiting this place generate interest in the people.
    One should visit this place at least ones in lifetime. I found people are very nice and good hospitality. Not to mention about the rituals perfect

  8. dude! i’d like to point out a mistake here…….. u have said that kukke subramanya is 105km away from bangalore! dude ! wake up! its NOT ghaati subramanya! it is kukke subramanya! it is located almost around 250km away from bangalore!

    • yes correct,, its about 250 km from bangalore to kukke subramanya swamy temple, yesterday i ahve visited this temples, really very powerful temple.

  9. KUKKE SUBRAMANYA is very good place.

    Photos are really good. Website created is also very good.

    Please, mention the TYPE OF POOJA did by SACHIN TENDULKAR during his visit to KUKKE SUBRAMANYA.

    Please write relevent description below each photo, so that people can understand.

  10. I have seen Kukke Subramanya once.

    It is very good and devotional place.

    Photos have come out very good.

    It would be very nice if some more photos
    have been uploaded.

  11. Subramanya is a great place to visit, infact i have an emotional attachment to this temple and visit twice in a year.
    Right now roads are pretty bad on Charmadi ghat…. i would recommend everybody to take Bisle Ghat or via Somvarpet route….

  12. When we go to Kukke Subramanya and do Sarpa Samskara Pujai, some of our family’s ancesterol doshas and a person’s marriage doshas (if against our Hindu tradition and customs) as well as if any wrong doings according to our wrong habits/lifestyle as youngsters are all cleared (Nevarthi Aguththe).

  13. Kukke Subramnaya Temple & Lodge Phone#

    Kukke Shree Subrahmanya Temple
    Subrahmanya – 574 238 (D.K. Dist)
    Phone: 08257-281224, 08257 281423, 08257 281724

    Mayur Lodge (Mr.Seetharam ): 08257-281336
    Seshnaag Aashraya (Mr.Dilip): 08257-281215, 281219, 281279.

  14. gr8 to see him once again, but of course in a out fit which makes him exclusive, just can’nt stop myself from adding the pics in my collections…….. thankyou

  15. Hi All,

    Thx to all for posting all the info on this site , I am planning to visit Kukke Subramanya in this week, will update on any other info I would get.

    Thanks again

  16. Thanks for the phone numbers. I will find out the temple pooja timings I will add more value to the site


  17. Hi all,

    Thanks for all the information provided about the temple.It will be of great help if anyone who has performed the Sarpa samakara puja write a brief details about the puja and timings… we can contact the Temple and ask the detail..:) but it would be good if its posted here.. 🙂

    Thank you

  18. great blog, very well written and informative. I too went to Kukke Subramanya recently and stayed at Seshnaag Ashreya, they had good service. I’ve written a fuller account of my experiences on my website, hope it can be useful to someone.

  19. The temple complex has 2 shrines, Adi Subramanya and the main Temple… Adi Subramanya is just a couple of 100 feet away from the main shrine. The Adi Subramanya shrine opens at 6 Am and is open throught the day till 8 PM. Most of the people first visit the Adi Subranamya temple before proceeding to the main temple.

    The main temple is open from 6 Am to 1 Pm and again in the evening from 3.30 PM to 8.30 PM. But the pooja timings changes with the hindu calendar months.

    The temple dasoha (free food/prasad) is dining hall is open from 12 noon to 2.30 Pm and again in the evening from 7 PM to 9 PM.

  20. Kukke subramanya is almost 300 Km’s from Bangalore via Hassan, Sakleshpur, Charmadi Ghat and take the left turn at Gundya forest Check post.

  21. Kukke Subramanya can now be reached by train as well, the recently introduced Bangalore – Mangalore Express stops at the Kukke Subramanya Road Station.

    From Bangalore towards Mangalore direction, the train reaches Kukke Subramanya Road station at 5.30 AM and on the return direction, it reaches this station at 10 PM.

    From this station, the temple town is 17 Km’s and there are plenty of Shared Auto’s, Maxi cabs and private cabs availabe at the station to ferry the passengers to the temple town.

    Best advise to check with the railway counters for the train service during the monsoon season.

  22. Kukke subramanya is almost 300 Km’s from Bangalore via Hassan, Sakleshpur, Shiradi (sorry, not charmadi )Ghat and take the left turn at Gundya forest Check post.

  23. Hi , i am planning to visit kukke next week during oct 2 weekend. Just needed help abt the route to be taken to kukke. heard that shiradi is very bad . How is bisle ghat route? pls give details asap. we will be driving with family from bangalore in a tata indigo.- Pradeep

  24. Hi guys ,

    Thank u very much for the info , can anybody who has done the sarpa smaskara tell me if any visible changes have occured or have seen any changes in their lifes .

  25. Kukke Subramnaya Temple & Lodge Phone#

    Kukke Shree Subrahmanya Temple
    Subrahmanya – 574 238 (D.K. Dist)
    Phone: 08257-281224, 08257 281423, 08257 281724

    Mayur Lodge (Mr.Seetharam ): 08257-281336
    Seshnaag Aashraya (Mr.Dilip): 08257-281215, 281219, 281279.

  26. which is the route to be taken to kuke from bangalore via mysore as i do not want to go via hassan as the roads are bad i believe.

  27. HI,
    Kukke subramanya temple is the one of best famous temple
    in karnataka, here devotees can get solution for Nagadosa,
    we can see dharmastala Manjunatha temple on the way of subramanya.

  28. Hi
    I wish to know abt sarpasamskara pooja, how many days one should stay there, charges, when should one book for this.
    Kindly let me know the phone # of Venkata raju, priest of temple.
    Immediate reply will be appreciated.

      • if you want any information on Nag Dosha any wana solve problems , you can contact Swamiji’s son Shri Satyendra Nayak (09448466756). he will guide you for the puja. Devi Maa will definately solve your problems

  29. @ prabhu.

    You need to come to Puttur. It is Mysore–> Madikere—> Sullia—> Puttur. From there its around 30 t0 40 kms.

  30. Hi, I will be glad if I will be furnished phone number of office of Kukke Sri Subramanya Temple where I wish to visit and also inform whether I have to book in advance if I wish to perform aslesha bali and some other rituals there…early reply is appreciated.

  31. @ Narayan

    Postal Corresponding Address:
    Executive Officer
    Kukke Shree Subrahmanya Temple
    Subrahmanya – 574 238 (D.K. Dist)
    Karnataka – INDIA
    Phone: 91-825-681224, 681423,
    681400,681700 and 681800

    Try contacting the address. Meanwhile if you need any assitance, you can contact me personally at naik.sooraj at

    If you are having nonveg diet, make sure you be in vratha for some time.

  32. Hi All, I’m an MBA student having a project about Kukke subramanaya. I need as much as information possible about this temple. Can anyone give me more insight on the best seasons to visit, the approx number of people visiting in different seasons and hotel room rates, variation of the room rate by the seasonality, seasonal and specific people traffic etc.

  33. Hi,
    I have been trying to call the temple numbers (08257-281700, 08257-281423) both numbers are either busy or just keep ringing. Can anyone tell me whether these numbers are correct?
    I would like to reserve for sarpa dosha pooja next week.

    Thanks in advance,

  34. beautiful place.was inspired by tendulkars visit.
    saw the pictures in the morning and left the same day for subramanya. chilling experience.

  35. The Hassan-Mangalore road via Shiradi ghats is closed from Jan 23, 2010. Any other motorable road from Hassan to Puttur please??? Info required urgently.

  36. Now iam working in Bangalore my native plce is kukke subramanya and i studied in k s s colage Subramanya i am realy happy bcoz i born and studied nearest in kst

  37. heyy plz,,,help me,,in finding a good astrologer related to al these doshas,,,,bcoz neither me nor my parentz know any1,,,,,,,,,,,,d only tthing that we know is facing problems,,ntng else,,,,,,,,,i had been to kukke ,,last year july,,,,,,,,,but dint kno wat to do ,,,wat nt to do,,,,,or whom to meet,,,,,,,,,,we just had a darshan and came back,,,,plz if anyone knows here any solution ..wer i can meet sum1 and get some predictions and do d rituals at kukke,,plz infrm ,thanku,,,,,,,but as i saw few of above coments,,they’ve specified sum guruji at kukke,,,,,but im null regarding his info 😦

    • hi, sarika, as you can see in my previous comments, you can surely contact our Guru Shri Satyendra V Nayak, on his cell No. 9448466756, he will definitely guide you and Devi Maa will definitely come to your rescue.

  38. Correction on the place the Temple is located in. It is “Dakshina Kannada” district of Karnataka. not Kanara.. Kannada is the language of the State.

  39. Yes I agree after Sachin has come to kukke and did his poojas with the guidance of our late vs nayak he has done wonders and since vs nayak has left the world .that does not mean that
    No one is shown the path or no vips come . they do come to take the blessing of devi maa by son of vs nayak, satyendra v nayak as he continues to show people the path he also resides in bangalore in a beautiful temple which was built by his father long back people are shown the paths after coming to the beautiful temple and and taking the blessings of our guruji(satyendra v nayak)if you all have problems you all can call ur guruji and you must give only one thing in return that is surrendering to the all might and if you would like to talk to guruji u can call him at (9448466756) and if u want more details about the book, appointment, problems, droughts u can call (9448352756)

    • I agree Guruji is very powerful, he’s like the human form of god, I had 7 horrible problems which he solved, guys believe me he’s great

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