Burning visible images onto CD-Rs with data (beta)

“By carefully choosing the right 1s and 0s to burn to a CD, it is possible to burn visible images on normal CD-Rs. These images rely on the fact that the 1s and 0s created by pits in the CDs surface reflect light differently…”

This is just insane!

There are even MATLAB programs etc on the website to help you do the same!
What an innovative idea! Remember, this is nothing to do with the Lightscribe kind of stuff… since Lightscribe requires special media…

Read more at Instructables: http://www.instructables.com/ex/i/6227EC9EE1DB1028ABAA001143E7E506/?ALLSTEPS

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π day

π = 3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 …

3.14 = March 14 happens to be pi-day every year. Curiously enough, it also happens to be Einstein’s birthday!

http://www.angio.net/pi/bigpi.cgi gives you a search engine to search for digits of π. For example, a search for 15081947 gives

“The string 15081947 occurs at position 604,341 counting from the first digit after the decimal point. The 3. is not counted.

The string and surrounding digits:

99538905839657483550 15081947 01003364946075415680″

If you are quite crazy about π, you might want to pick up this geeky T-shirt (I created something very similar on photoshop, yet to print it!) from thinkgeek.

Indeed an enigmatic constant!

Tagging, the next big thing?

From wordpress to flickr to del.icio.us and connotea, tagging appears to have caught on, not to mention labels in GMail. It’s not a ground breaking innovation, but a very ‘google-ish’ intelligent extension to an exisiting domain. Online bookmarking does seem interesting in that it’s great to share bookmarks. This is particularly useful in research, as you could see in connotea, an initiative of the Nature Publishing Group (NPG). It’s easy to surf users with similar tags, find related papers to the ones you are concerned with and so on.

I guess tagging is here to stay, just as I tag this post with it’s categories, being Technology and Software and Computers.

The Desktop Search Race…

Not been blogging for quite a while but the new Google Desktop Search 2 beta is really prompting me to write one!

Right from a scratch pad to desktop results on the fly and e-mail checking, GDS2b (that’s a new acronym!) really integrates a lot of functionality. That’ll have MSN (part of Vista too), Yahoo! and maybe even BlinkX running for cover. See all the new features at google’s page. The searching of start menu seems a cool way to quicly launch programs! Wow!

It still remains a pity that one of the world’s biggest user of open source systems and Linux servers, still releases software mainly for windows! I guess it’s never been clearer that Google wants to end the hegemony of Microsoft as soon as possible. Tried putting beagle on Linux and gave up in the process of installing dependencies…

Google Rocks! As always!!