The whole Wikipedia in your pocket (on your iPod)

You can now store the whole wikipedia on your iPod. I had seen tomeraider sometime back, which allows you to put wikipedia on your hard drive, but this seems even better. Check out:


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The BluWiki Vision

Bringing web publishing to the people. We see a world where everyone can publish online. Without censoring, popups, or banner ads. And you don’t even need to know html! Thats right, just good old-fashioned publishing. Help us acomplish this vision, make your home on the web.”

— BluWiki website

I’ve been amused by wikis for quite some time and wanted to start a wiki based homepage on my own. When I examined for free hostings, there appeared to be several ones, but none as good as BluWiki. I did like wikispaces, where I created my own space, but no wiki is as compelling as one that uses mediawiki. I even looked at, but found BluWiki to be the best place to make my home! I must say that allows you to create your own wiki but I am not sure how well they’re doing. Looks like that’s a good place to be, if you want to have a large wiki and not just a personal homepage.