Math Assistant — sourceforge

Check out That’s my sourceforge page, which I recently created. It’s got sources as well for v1.0 and v2.0b. Reasonably old files, but contains some interesting stuff for beginners. This was created pretty much when I knew little about coding, or even Computational Science.. never found much time to update it… do have a look.

Version 1.0 – BTech 1st Year holidays (2000 JUNE)
Version 2.0b – BTech holidays (2003 JULY)

Wish I could add to this sometime with the newfound knowledge in my MTech!

Math Assistant is a software designed to carry out a number of routine tasks in mathematics. It is ended for low-end use and features easy navigation and quick results. It contains a number of simple modules listed below:

  • Large Integer Adder & Subtracter
  • Fractions
  • Base Conversions
  • Determinants
  • Reciprocal (upto 2000 digits)
  • GCD/LCM/Factors
  • Random Numbers
  • ROMAN Numerals
  • Prime Numbers
  • Statistics
  • Regression
  • Solution of Triangles
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Physical Constants
  • Vectors
  • Date Calculations
  • Linear Equations

This program is basically a compilation of a number of small modules that I had programmed out of general curiosity and interest. I am particularly interested in computations, number theory and currently in the application of computer science to the solution of problems. If you wish to contact me (either to report a bug, or jus’ like that), feel free to e-mail me (karthik1981 AT yahoo DOT com).



Probably one of the more significant innovations to hit our lives today. Remember, the last important thing about gmail is the 1000 MB. Till you begin to abuse your account, you must not grow out of 300 MB in 3 years. It’s the autocompletion, the grouping of conversations, the intelligent management of attachments, keyboard shortcuts (only to mention a few!) which make the difference.

There are a couple of good blogs and groups that discuss how well to exploit your gmail.. like the gmail users group, . Mark Lyon offer’s a rather interesting tool, the GMail loader (GML) for those into the archiving business ever before gmail came into existence!

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