Hehe, just close on the heels of yesterday’s post ridiculing Pratibha, here we have Dr Kalam handing over the BrahMos to the army. Read the Hindu article here. Let’s hope for a miracle to have Kalam at the helm for another term!


For once, I agree with Jayalalithaa, who happens to be heading to Delhi today to see what strings she can pull!


And as Alexandre Dumas once put it, “Wait and Hope”.



New Delhi, June 21 (PTI)


President A P J Abdul Kalam today suggested that the country should move ahead with developing a “hypersonic” version of the supersonic cruise missile Brahmos to maintain supremacy in force levels. “Time has come for BrahMos Aerospace to work on Mark-II version of Brahmos,” Kalam, himself a missile scientist, said adding it would enable India to be a market leader in hypersonic cruise missiles.

Turning Brahmos into a hypersonic missile entails incorporating scramjet technology, on which Indian defence scientists are already working to give it capability to attain Mach 8 speeds and to enhance its range considerably Inducting the surface-to-surface version of missile into the army, Kalam, who is the Supreme Commander of the armed forces, suggested to scientists to develop re-usable class of cruise missiles.

“I visualise long range hypersonic cruise missiles not only delivering pay loads, but also returning to base after the mission,” Kalam said while handing over a replica of the missile to the Army Chief General J J Singh.

India, he said, should within next decade develop re-usable missiles emphasising that the three services should work as a team to evolve the Qualitative requirements for such a system in a time bound manner.

Supporting the idea of export of Brahmos missiles, the President called for aggressive marketing of this world class product saying it was must as the missile only had a short shelf life of five years. He warned that otherwise there would be competitors who would be developing contemporary products.





The Presidential Joke

As the hunt to fill in Kalam’s shoes is on, I just thought I might write some of my views on one of the sadder jokes in Indian politics. Last time we had a certain Lakshmi Sahgal contesting alongside Kalam. If her credentials were dubious (versus Kalam), now we have yet another joke (post-quotas :D) that’s being played by the ill-humoured UPA (I’m apolitical mostly, I’d criticse NDA and UNPA any day too), who is backing a certain Pratibha Patil (who did not even have a wikipedia article in her name until it was put forth by UPA).

Considering especially that it’s Kalam’s shoes that need to be filled, it’s hilarious to see such names doing the rounds. I write this post hurriedly, for if I wait a fortnight, I might be guilty of throwing eggs at the National President (which is orthogonal to our culture: to see what I mean, you could google for miserable failure :D). Kalam is indeed the favourite of the masses, but unfortunately, the so-called representatives of the masses have different ideas!

Kalam had enough of confrontations with Sonia, and to hope for Sonia to be an all-forgiving saint wiping out the Prime-Minister fiasco (remember Tyaag Divas?) and the office of profit bill from her memory would tantamount to hoping that Australia would stop sledging from their next test (forgive me, cricket has to figure in every post i write).

For five years, we’ve been proud to have a renowned scientist and more than that, a great human being as our President. But, don’t they say “Pride goes before a fall?

To sum it, I think Cho has a nice cartoon in today’s Tughlaq (his tamizh magazine):


For the benefit of those who can’t read tamil, it goes thus:
Rabri: In what way am I inferior to that lady? Why did you not propose my name for president?
Laloo: That lady has only been a minister, whereas you have been a chief minister! Won’t [Sonia] be scared that you would know a few things?! That’s why I hesitated.

Jai Hind!

India Rising…

My Sunday’s been wonderfully brightened by two posts on rediff:

I think all of us have been witness to the mobile phone revolution and the telecom revolution in general in this country. Village or city, the connectivity has improved drastically. The new expressways, improved roads as part of the golden quadrilateral project etc, have helped to facelift the roadways. With the advent of the low cost domestic airlines, air traffic has increased sufficiently and been extended even to the common man many times. And the railways silently keeps carrying efficiently, crores of people. It is really heartening to see the intelligent design of the new railway coaches, the e-ticket concept and all other railway improvements…

Just for a moment though, let’s not believe that the situation is all too rosy and get our feet back to the ground: Mumbai still struggles to live with its monsoon rains, Chennai still has sporadic water problems and Bangalore, as the PM Manmohan Singh just almost said has become the proverbial hare: just struggling to live up after a bright start, with pathetic infrastructure, esp. roads and traffic. Delhi remains the unsafest place in the country, esp. for women. If this is the scenario with the metros, where are we headed? It’s more or less the case of the proverbial drunkard who steps 4 paces ahead and falls back 3. At least, there is progress! However, the situation is not bleak and only a bright future for India seems to beckon! Companies like Reliance, TATA’s, Infy are all making big strides and the economy has been in a bull run (though with hiccups) for long. Let’s hope things only improve! JAI HIND!

  1. US, $12.46 tn
  2. Japan, $4.51 tn
  3. Germany, $2.78 tn
  4. China, $2.23
  5. Britain, $2.19 tn
  6. France, $2.11 tn
  7. Italy, $1.72 tn
  8. Spain, $1.124 tn
  9. Canada, $1.115 tn
  10. Brazil, $794.10 bn
  11. South Korea, $787.62 bn
  12. INDIA, $785.47 bn

    Though I am not a great fan of these numbers, I guess wealth/GDP is one of the important indicators to at least the quality of life. Of course, contentment should rank higher, and I do think such a study (of satisfaction) was done sometime back, though I fail to recall the results. The important goals for India should be the creation of a caste-free, reservation-free society, with sufficient social security and justice, with an emphasis of primary education and food for all.

    Let’s hope we can indeed become a developed nation by 2020 (or even earlier :D)

    Why Are Nails On A Blackboard Irritating?

    “Fingernails on a blackboard. Why does the very phrase send chills down one’s back? The question has annoyed scientists for at least 2,300 years. Aristotle mentioned “hard sounds”, but didn’t try very hard to explain them.”

    Amusing that this is such a common phenomenon…. eeeeks… Check out the whole digg story.. quite interesting :D!

    read more | digg story

    पल पल है भारी (Pal Pal Hai Bhaari)

    One of the most extraordinary songs I’ve heard recently, not just the music but even the lyrics… Kudos to A R Rahman and Javed Akhtar…

    आ… आ…

    पल पल है भारी वो बिपता है आ‍ई
    मोहे बचाने अब आ‍ओ रघु-रायी
    आ‍ओ रघुवीर आ‍ओ, रघुपति राम आ‍ओ
    मोरे मन के स्वामी, मोरे श्री राम आ‍ओ
    राम राम जपती हूँ, सुन लो मेरी राम आ‍ओ
    राम राम जपती हूँ, सुन लो मेरी राम जी
    भजे सत्य का डंका, जले पाप की लङ्का
    इसी क्षण तुम आ‍ओ, मुक्त करा‍ओ
    सुन भी लो अब मेरी दुहा‍ई
    पल पल है भारी वो बिपता है आ‍ई
    मोहे बचाने अब आ‍ओ रघु-रायी
    विजय / आशुतोश:
    राम को भूलो ये देखो रावण आया है
    फैली सारी सृष्टि पर जिसकी छाया है
    जो जपती हो राम राम तुम क्यों लेती हो राम नाम तुम
    राम राम कारण जो ये तुमने है लगाया, सीता
    सीता तुमने राम में ऐस क्या गुण पाया

    गिन पा‍एगा उनके गुण को को‍ई क्या, इतने शब्द ही कहाँ है
    पहोंचेगा उस शिखारी के कौन भला मेरे रामजी जहाँ है
    जग में सब से उत्तम है, मर्यादा पुरुषोत्तम है
    सब से शक्तिशाली है, फिर भी रखते संयम है पर
    उनके संयम की अब आने को है सीमा
    रावण समय है, माँग ले क्षमा


    भजे सत्य का डंका, जले पाप कि लङ्का
    आ‍ए राजा राम करे हम प्रणाम
    संग ला‍ए लक्ष्मण जैसा भा‍ई

    पल पल है भारी वो बिपता है आ‍ई
    मोहे बचाने अब आ‍ओ रघु-रायी
    राम में शक्ति अगर है, राम में साहस है तो
    क्यों नहीं आ‍ए अभी तक वो तुम्हारी रक्षा को
    जिनका वर्णन करने में थकती नहीं हो तुम यहाँ
    ये बता‍ओ वो तुम्हारे राम है इस पल कहाँ

    राम हृदय में है मेरे, राम ही धडकन में है
    राम मेरे आत्मा में, राम ही जीवन में है
    राम हर पल में है मेरे, राम है हर स्वास में
    राम हर आशा में मेरी, राम ही हर आस में


    राम ही तो करुणा में है, शान्ति में राम है
    राम ही है एकता में, प्रगति में राम है
    राम बस भक्तों नहीं शत्रु के भी चिन्तन में है
    देख तज के पाप रावण, राम तेरे मन में है
    राम तेरे मन में है, राम मेरे मन में है -२
    राम तो घर घर में है, राम हर आंगन में है
    मन से रावण जो निकाले, राम उसके मन में है -२

    आ… हो… आ… हो… हो… हो…

    पल पल है भारी वो बिपता है आ‍ई
    मोहे बचाने अब आ‍ओ रघु-रायी

    सुनो रामजी आ‍ए, मोरे रामजी आ‍ए
    राजा रामचन्द्र आ‍ए, श्री रामचन्द्र आ‍ए
    रामजी आ‍ए, मोरे रामजी आ‍ए
    श्री रामचन्द्र आ‍ए हो

    सुनो रामजी आ‍ए, मोरे रामजी आ‍ए
    राजा रामचन्द्र आ‍ए, श्री रामचन्द्र आ‍ए
    रामजी आ‍ए, मोरे रामजी आ‍ए
    श्री रामचन्द्र आ‍ए हो

    Kalam flies on the Sukhoi

    This is nothing surprising, given his indomitable appetite for breaking conventions and making firsts; yet again, we see a great man, cut above the rest, probably the only pride of this nation, when it comes to politics.

    Jai Hind!

    Read on, the rediff article below…

    Had no time to be nervous on flight: Kalam
    Last Updated: June 08, 2006 13:08 IST


    President A P J Abdul Kalam, supreme commander of the armed forces, undertook a historic sortie in the Sukhoi-30 MKI, Indian Air Force's state-of-the-art supersonic fighter aircraft, which took off from Lohegaon airbase in Pune at 10.25 am on Thursday and landed around 40 minutes later.Wing Commander Ajay Rathore, Commanding Officer of the SU-30 MKI squadron, flew the President at a speed of 15,000 km per hour to a height of about 25,000 feet"I was not at all nervous, there was no time to be nervous," President Kalam told this correspondent soon after landing back at the airbase. "Rathore guided me well."
    "After flying this sortie, I know realise that India is in safe hands, our borders are safe. We have such good pilots, and good defence personnel."

    As the fighter plane was expected to fly at supersonic speeds, Kalam donned a G-suit before boarding the aircraft. He was also briefed by senior Air Force officials ahead of the 30-minute sortie.

    Kalam is the first Indian President to fly in the all-weather, air-dominance supersonic fighter aircraft. Previously, in February, he had undertaken a submarine voyage.

    Two Sukhois accompanied Kalam's flight during which he was shown how targets are located both in mid-air and on the ground with the radar's help, Air Commodore M Banerjee, told reporters.

    Kalam, who is on a two-day visit to Pune, entered the airbase at 09.15 hours, and was received by Air Marshal Ajit Bhavnani, Vice chief of Air Staff; Air Marshal P K Mehta, Air Officer Commanding in-Chief, South Western Air Command; and Air Commodore M Banerjee, Air Officer Commanding, Air Force Base, Pune. Air Warriors of the airbase presented a ceremonial guard of honour to the President at the lightning squadron tarmac.