Programming Languages

Programming Languages etc

  • Java 1.1: No Experience Required
–Steven Holzner ISBN 0782120830
  • HTML 4.0: No Experience Required.
–E. Stephen MacK, Janan Platt ISBN 0782121438
  • Understanding Pointers in C
–Yashavant P. Kanetkar ISBN 8176563587
  • Object-Oriented Programming in C++
–Robert Lafore ISBN 0672323087
  • Introduction to Computer Science: Programming and Problem Solving With Pascal
–Neill Graham ISBN 0314599940
  • Visual Basic 3 for Dummies
–Wally Wang ISBN 1568840764
  • C For Dummies, 2nd Edition
–Dan Gookin ISBN 0764570684
  • Red Hat Linux 9 Bible
–Christopher Negus ISBN 0764539388


  • Programming with BASIC
–Byron S. Gottfried ISBN 0070238553
  • BASIC Programming
–B.J. Holmes ISBN 0905435486
  • In Search of Graphics: Adventures in Computer Art
–Sandra Markle, William Markle ISBN 0688049893
  • The Basic Handbook: Encyclopedia of the Basic Computer Language
–David A. Lien ISBN 0932760333
Our then one-stop reference for any BASIC keyword or command!


  • LATeX: A Document Preparation System

–Leslie Lamport ISBN 0201529831

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